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Hey friendssssss!

So a few weeks I got the chance to have a little staycation get away here in Dallas at the StayAlfred location on Jackson Street. I got to meet some of the people who work for StayAlfred and really learn about the company. I have to say I was in amazement at how well the company is run and what they stand for. They were some of THE nicest people ever. They have started this phenomenon of “travel apartments” that are a hotel/apartment all in one. Stay Alfred allows their customers to enjoy upscale travel apartments in the world’s best downtown neighborhoods. The location we stayed at was actually at the Statler hotel. If you are from Dallas, as you know, their rooftop scene has really been the talk of the town lately! It was so fun getting to stay right there with so many amazing things around the area to do. When I travel I seriously can not stand feeling like I am in a “shoe box” as I like to call it.. being cramped and limited on room space because I always over pack and want to bring food into my room! With StayAlfred you literally get an entire kitchen, living room, two bed rooms, bathrooms, and CLOSETS! The biggest closets ever haha!! Stay Alfred provides the reliability of a hotel stay with the space and comforts of a high-end apartment.. I am so excited to stay with them anytime I can now and would recommend this to absolutely ANYONE. Its great for bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, family vacations, weekend getaways, or even work trips. 100/100 recommend. They have the best selection of cities all across the US too.

Here is a list of cities they have travel apartments in:
Fort Worth
New orleans
San Antonio
San Diego
Washington, D.C.

Now what are you waiting for?!?! Go book your weekend get away ASAP.

Use the code YOURPLACE for 10% off your booking price too!!!

Here are a few pictures of my stay and my two bedroom/two bathroom apartment I had.

Can’t wait to talk soon!




One of the things that I love about Dallas is the TROLLEY. I wish I could ride it more but not everything I do is right along it’s path. My love affair started at a young age for it. My dad is a pastor here in Dallas and when I was little we used to ride the trolley all down by his old office on McKinney Avenue in Uptown.

Fun Fact: I even had my birthday party when I turned 6 on the trolley. Cake, balloons, friends, the whole nine yards.

Anyway, all that to say, I love the trolley. Since the weather is getting to be so nice out it is the perfect little therapeutic sesh when you need a second alone. I told my friend I wish there was wifi on board so I could sit and work on it all day. Blogging full time now, along with other little odd jobs, it really is so nice because I can kind of make my schedule which has it’s perks but has been hard too. Adulting is hard. Ya feel me? Yeah.

This week is a total rollercoaster for me with SO much going on. Life never really likes to space itself out, does it? It likes to hit you all at one time. Right? Tomorrow I have a fitting and store preview with one of my fav new stores opening Thursday, on Knox Henderson called “Reformation”. If you haven’t check out their line then you are missing out. (They sent me the best goodie ever the other day and I can’t wait to show you!) I can’t wait to get a sneak peek and pic out a fun look to wear to their grand opening on Thursday!

As for the weekend, I am so blessed because I was asked to lead worship for our women’s conference that my church is doing this year called “Show Her How”. I can hardly wait to see what the Lord is going to do. Going to be so awesome.

Let’s talk fashion now…

Military jackets, paper boy hats, and glittered sock boots. Can you say extra??


Can’t stop, won’t stop.

A style trend I am most excited about this season is JACKETS. I don’t think I have ever been so ready for a season change in my life. I love the heat but not when it’s 3939472984298 degrees outside. In the midst of moving I found so many fun vintage jackets that my mom has had since she was a young girl and I am just itching to wear them. I would just rather wait till it isn’t blazing outside but we are getting there.

When I saw this military style jacket coming around the corner I just about died. It is such a fun statement piece that can be dressed up or down. This is a look we are seeing lots of at #NYFW this year and I can’t wait for more people to catch onto the style. There are some subtle looking ones and then some you are just like OKAY YAS QUEEN, SLAY:


It was only appropriate to wear my paper boy and with this get up because… I mean I am super extra and was on the trolley so why not? #doitforthepic

Here are some super cute paper boy hats I linked (this is also a big accessory for fall, if you are brave enough, I would say!)



A brand that I have just called in love with is Public Desire. I ordered from them once and then immediately ordered three pairs of shoes in one sitting after I realized what I had been missing.hHere

It was like eating a whole tub of ice cream.. alone… by yourself… and not really feeling bad about it cause it was just that good.

I have a slight shoe addiction. Well clothes too. and purses…. Okay maybe I just have a problem. First step is acknowledging it right??? Ill go with that.

Here are some super fab sock boots for you to throw on this fall and look like a boss:


Working on so much good stuff for you guys and can’t wait to share so stay tuned!!!!

Also – If you too want to be obsessed with the Trolley then check out more info HERE!

**** POINT OF INTEREST: The Trolley is Free to ride!! ****

Here is a map of it’s route around Dallas.


Talk soon.





The fact that it is already September is BEYOND me. I was in the Starbucks line this morning, which I desperately need to give up…ha, and they were already serving pumpkin spice everything. I mean geezzeeee I feel like it should still be July?!

Having a long weekend was super nice but now its back to the real time grind. Since moving to a new house in June I have literally so much to go through, you would think 3 months going by it would be done, but no. I have literally 100’s of hangers with clothes on them to sell, knick knacks to get rid of, and just things I need to declutter. It is such a process but have a hard time staying focused longer than 65 seconds to get it all done. So basically I need 50 labor day weekends in a row and I would be Gucci.


On Saturday one of my long time best friends, Haylie and I, ran around and just spent some good girl time together. With life always SO busy I am definitely super thankful for the times I get to just sit with a good friend and have a drink or grab ice-cream or even just a long convo over the phone to really make you grateful for the people in your life.

One of my favorite ice-cream places in Dallas is “Wild About Harry’s” I have been going there since I was a little girl and used to take the kids I would nanny there. Aside of the ice-cream being BOMB, I have really sweet memories there. I can’t wait to see what they do with the renovation!


With Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas so hard I feel like the weather has definitely changed a little in Dallas, not being so viciously hot to just still pretty hot. haha.

I wore this little stripe button up blouse from Urban Outfitters (which is ON SALE!!) and denim skirt duo. This stripe button up it’s probably one of my favorite shirts in my closet right now. They have it in blue and white stripes and think I may just have to get it, considering it is on sale. It’s the perfect top to just throw on and still feel some what put together.

Even though it is a long sleeve the material is perfect for this transitional weather we are about to get because it is really breathable and not too thick.

I purchased this distressed denim skirt a few months ago at H&M and am still totally obsessed with it. I love anything denim and distressed so this is the perfect little cocktail duo for me.


Over the last few years anything coconut has really just done it for me so naturally I went with Wild About Harry’s coconut ice-cream with fruity pebbles on top in a waffle cone. If you love coconut like me, you have to try this! I think Haylie just got vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, obvi!

I hope everyone had an awesome 4 day weekend and enjoyed their Labor Day!

My heart and prayers truly go out to all of the people who Harvey has impacted. I can not even imagine going through something as tragic as this with my family and loosing everything.





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