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The fact that it is already September is BEYOND me. I was in the Starbucks line this morning, which I desperately need to give up…ha, and they were already serving pumpkin spice everything. I mean geezzeeee I feel like it should still be July?!

Having a long weekend was super nice but now its back to the real time grind. Since moving to a new house in June I have literally so much to go through, you would think 3 months going by it would be done, but no. I have literally 100’s of hangers with clothes on them to sell, knick knacks to get rid of, and just things I need to declutter. It is such a process but have a hard time staying focused longer than 65 seconds to get it all done. So basically I need 50 labor day weekends in a row and I would be Gucci.


On Saturday one of my long time best friends, Haylie and I, ran around and just spent some good girl time together. With life always SO busy I am definitely super thankful for the times I get to just sit with a good friend and have a drink or grab ice-cream or even just a long convo over the phone to really make you grateful for the people in your life.

One of my favorite ice-cream places in Dallas is “Wild About Harry’s” I have been going there since I was a little girl and used to take the kids I would nanny there. Aside of the ice-cream being BOMB, I have really sweet memories there. I can’t wait to see what they do with the renovation!


With Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas so hard I feel like the weather has definitely changed a little in Dallas, not being so viciously hot to just still pretty hot. haha.

I wore this little stripe button up blouse from Urban Outfitters (which is ON SALE!!) and denim skirt duo. This stripe button up it’s probably one of my favorite shirts in my closet right now. They have it in blue and white stripes and think I may just have to get it, considering it is on sale. It’s the perfect top to just throw on and still feel some what put together.

Even though it is a long sleeve the material is perfect for this transitional weather we are about to get because it is really breathable and not too thick.

I purchased this distressed denim skirt a few months ago at H&M and am still totally obsessed with it. I love anything denim and distressed so this is the perfect little cocktail duo for me.


Over the last few years anything coconut has really just done it for me so naturally I went with Wild About Harry’s coconut ice-cream with fruity pebbles on top in a waffle cone. If you love coconut like me, you have to try this! I think Haylie just got vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, obvi!

I hope everyone had an awesome 4 day weekend and enjoyed their Labor Day!

My heart and prayers truly go out to all of the people who Harvey has impacted. I can not even imagine going through something as tragic as this with my family and loosing everything.






Okay but really, I said forever ago I wanted this to be a reoccuring post and as seen…. I have dropped the ball on it, 1000000%. I am terribly sorry but, here we are new day, new mercies, new beginnings haha. Back to this post —

I wanted to make this a weekly post because I have to admit, I have a slight obsessed with just online “window shopping”. Half the time I never by what I am looking at I just like being inspired by different pieces. When I find something I really like I typically sleep on it and if I am loosing sleep over it then I will decide if I need it in my wardrobe collection. Right now I have really been trying to find tune my closet so my buying as been little to none lately. But don’t you worry I am still online “screen shopping”. ♥

Here are some things that I have had my eye on or things I have had in the past and would love to have again, specifically makeup products!

Products I have used and LOVE:

I have used the “Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance” and LOVED it. It’s actually the only face makeup I wore all through high school! I defintiely recommend this product.

I die over the “Oribe Aprés Beach Wave and Shine Spray”. First of all, there is nothing better than the smell of it and anything that is anything like a texturized spray I loveeeee. I hate when my hair feels “too soft” so this kind of product is a must for me.

The last thing on this wish list that I have had and love is the “Mac Lipstick in Velvet Teddy”! It’s such a great everyday color on anyone, any shade!

Can I just say as well that I am so HYPED that the Steve Madden Black 90’s slider shoes are BACK!!!!! LIKE OMG OMG OMG.
Hope everyone is having a great week. This week has been super super super BUSY. I feel so much happier when I am busy and have lots going on. So I am one happy Vic! This weekend can’t come soon enough!! I am headed to Austin this weekend and then turning around and leaving for Vegas on Sunday to work Market so I am super excited about that! What are fun things you guys like to do in Austin?
and VEGAS! I have never been to Vegas so I am soo excited ♥ What should I do?
Talk to you guys tomorrow.


Happy late night Monday my loves,

I am going to be doing some fun little outfit round ups every day this week (sorry this one is a little late tonight) but I wanted to continue showcasing some fun pieces I love from the Nordstrom sale since there is such a great sale going on right now! Here is a roundup of some awesome staple pieces that will translate so well into fall!

(Click the item pictures to shop directy or scroll through the shop basics scroll bar below!!)

Which pieces are your favorite?
Talk to ya tomorrow babes.


If you follow any kind of blogger, influencer, I am sure that you have seen a million posts about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I hate to be another one of those girls blowing you up about this sale.. but.. HI, here I am! haha!

I am not one who shops a ton at Nordstrom but know tons of people do! One thing I do know is that whether you like Nordstorm or not, you can’t say you don’t like a good steal and sale!

I never really got into this Nordstrom sale much until I started blogging and really stepped into my love for fashion and styling.

Every year when the Nordstorm Sale rolls around they offer what is called the “Early Access” sale. What’s cool about early access is that if you are a card holder for Nordstrom you get to shop the deals before the rest of the public does. Well tomorrow, Friday, the sale is officially open to the public! So many items sell out quick because they are such great deals and the “early access” crowd has already gotten to purchase. As you shop the site be sure to have your eye on the things that you want in order to buy right when the sale goes live to the public at midnight/tomorrow!

All that to say,

This sale is one of my favorites for two different kind of buys:

1.) Buying something that would normally be WAY to expensive for you but all the sudden it’s on super sale so you can justify the buy.


2.) Buying the basic everyday wear, which lets get real is more realistic to spend money on. 

I have rounded up and edit on some of MY favorite items to select from if you are looking for some dressier items, the best buy on beauty products (which is honestly my favorite category), your basic wear like jeans, throw on tops, sweaters, my shoe picks, and even some fab bags I found that I LOVE.


















Which items are your favorite! Leave me a comment below and tell me 🙂

I would also love some feedback: Would you like me to do some outfit roundups on looks I think would be cute for back to school? Errand outfits? Date night looks? You tell me! I would love to see what you have to say and want!

Talk soon.



As many of you know I got my braces off today and I am seriously dying over it. Not sure if you guys caught the video I posted on Facebook yet but I had some serious tears of joy flowing when I looked in the mirror for the first time after having braces for 2015. Feel like a new woman. Leading up to today I just feel like my whole life is about to start, ha! Sounds silly but it’s true. What better way to celebrate than heading to New York for the week with one of my bestie gals, Breshell! Going to be shooting tons of pictures so keep your eyes out to catch a glimpse of my new naked pearly white teeth! haha.

I have said it before but I have a huge post to do about surgery, orthodontics, before and after pictures and all that jaz but for now I am just basking in how far I have come and how good the Lord has been to be. So blessed and I don’t take His blessings for gratned.

As a complete sidenote I wanted to highlight something on the blog today because I know that SO many of my peeps shop on Amazon, like I do!


(JULY 11TH!)

Can I get a “whoop whoop” from my Amazon Prime fans? WHOOP!

I was talking post ideas with my sister, Elizabeth, the other day and she said a great idea would be to cover Amazon Prime Day.

What is AMAZON PRIME DAY? Amazon Prime day is the “global shopping event, offering more deals than Black Friday, exclusively for Prime members”! 

I mean BLESS UP!

Since Amazon is a one stop shop for nearly anything I am going to round up some of the MOST random things I have my eye on for my new house, little “treat yo self gifts”, to just more random stuff that looks fun. haha!

**Something to think about…. you can even buy toilet paper, paper towels, and water bottles through Amazon. If ya don’t have to carry it to your car, to the house then it’s a win in my book yall.*


Lot’s of the deals start at 9 p.m. catch them while you can!







For those of you not signed up with LIKETOKNOW.IT, here are the makeup products I have been using and love. 

Foundation: Shade “light ivory W2”

Concealer: shade CW04 Beige 

Beauty Blender

Powder Disk (light powder and bronzer): Dulce De Leche 

Lip liner: color “whipped caviar”

Gloss (literally my FAVORITE!): color “Super Natural”

Brow gel: color “chocolate” 

Lashes: Amazing Lash Studio (Preston and Royal)

Eyeshadow (BEST PALETTE EVER!!!): only $25 for 




P.S. Braces off tomorrow morning then heeading to NYC 🖤 Can’t wait. If you will be there let me know!! 




Hello Friends ♥

Haven’t done a post in a few days – just resting, cleaning, and taking it easy, but I miss you guys! So crazy to think that the 6 weeks of being wired shut is coming to and end next week! I just booked my ticket back to El Paso to get my splint and wires removed and can hardly wait!

(For those of you new to my site, HELLO 🙂 first of all! and second, I recently had double jaw surgery so I have been in recovery for 6 weeks… which has entailed being “wired shut”, eating from a syringe, and “patiently” *not so patiently* waiting for my swelling to go down to get back to doing somewhat normal things or I guess I should say more just feeling normal and myself again!)

Funny story really quick before I continue on with the actual reason for this post…

So today I was sitting in my room – cleaning, going through clothes, and slowly packing (because I am moving in a month or so) when I got a phone call! It was one of my sisters friends mom, who I am fairly close with. She asked what I was doing and I giggled and just tried to talk telling her I was going stir crazy in my room. She said you and your mom come downtown and join me and the senior class (my sister is a senior in high school) for the Segway tour we are doing through downtown today! Eager to get out of the house I got off the phone with her, told my mom to get dressed and that we were going on a Segway tour, hahaha.

Though I was eager to get out and try something that was a complete 180 from what I have been doing (sitting in my room, watching TV, cleaning, online shopping, and more sitting in my room…) I also was a little hesitant because I have come so far with healing and recovery that it would be just my luck to fall off or something and break my face all over again! haha.

I braved up though and thought, why not?! I will just be super careful. So, we throw something on, and go! When we got there we signed the forms, did a test run on the Segway to get the hang of it and before you know it we were off! It was SOOO much fun and felt so freeing in comparison to my 5 weeks of sitting around and doing things here and there that I have been doing! I was IN BUSINESS MAN! Feeling Free as a bird!

Well, an hour goes by and I am like “dang I am good at this thing, totally not going to hurt myself”. Then.. we get to the Thanksgiving Day Square site and there is a more inclined little hill than normal we are all going up, and I started to get a little off-balance… I am sure you can guess what happens next, but I was trying so hard to stay balanced that I am leaning forward and back and then forward and back and before you know it I am flying into a little side wall head first with no way to stop….

OF COURSE THIS WOULD HAPPEN TO ME.……. out of all the people in the group I am the double jaw surgery patient in recovery flying into the wall, getting myself into a mini head on collision accident. Luckily I caught myself with my hands/legs but my poor little ankle and Segway got a few bangs and bruises. The guide was so worried about me and helped me get back on and recover from my tumble.

Long story longer, in hindsight I probably should have taken an “L” on the Segway adventure. Nonetheless, it was SOOO much and I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Dallas or even to Dallas locals. There was so much that the guide taught us, from history to random little facts about downtown, that I didn’t even know about and I have lived here my whole life! It was great. Just be more careful that I apparently was 😉

Anyway, back on topic – I was asking around to some friends about things that they are always looking for and something that they all kept saying was “affordable outfits”.

and it hit me…. Who isn’t in the market for affordable clothes?? Uhhhhh…. everyone is duh??!!

So that is what today’s little edit is about!

I am going to try to do this weekly or at least tri-monthly so that you guys can get some good affordable pieces in your closets for any season. This can be a little test to see if you guys like it or want to see different categories, etc. I would LOVE any feedback from you guys since you are my peeps and essentially I want to help you!

Here are some totally fab dresses UNDER $30!!!

Which one is your favorite?

Comment below ♥

Talk soon,



PUBLIC DESIRE, you have done it again with another killer sale no girl can pass up on.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 6.40.43 PM

I found out about Public Desire from another blogger babe and instantly became hooked. I no lie bought three pairs of shoes in one sitting and didn’t even feel bad.

That’s like eating three tubs of ice cream and not feeling guilty aboout it one bit. I just coudn’t resist.

I skimmed through their sale and found these little show stoppers for ya:

These are the black kicks I bought the first time around and wear them all the time like I said!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 6.59.13 PM.png

They are perfect because they can be worn every season. I paired them with a ruffle sweatshirt from MISSGUIDED (MY FAVORITE) dress on this post a few weeks ago!


Let me know if you find any that you like!!!

Talk soon.




I think it’s so funny to me how I can be completely exhausted but then I crawl in bed and I am just WIDE. AWAKE…. Does that ever happen to anyone else? It’s the pits!

With that being said, naturally I resort to song writing and then looking at pretty little things online that I add to my “maybe one day” collection. Which, in fact, is getting to be pretty lengthy and each piece that is associated with a big brand gets added to my “brands want to work with” goal sheet. haha!

Gucci is definitely one of those brands that I am always just amazed by the beautiful pieces they release in every season, and each collection. Ya feel me? For the average gal the price may not be ideal but it is the most perfect yummy eye candy for this girl! I was just looking through these pieces from my ShopStyle account and thought I would share!

Hope this eye candy tasted as good to you as it did to me! hahaha. I did this little collage to just inspire myself to work as hard as I can, with what I have until I make it to where I want to be.

My dad has always told me “DO ALL YOU CAN, WITH WHAT YOU CAN, WHILE YOU CAN.”

I think it’s a great way to live and pushes me to work as hard as I can. When we don’t, we are only robbing ourselves.  ♥

Sleep tight everyone, tomorrow is a new day and I can not wait to take it on.



Tuesday | May 2nd:

Today is a significant day because three weeks ago today I went under for my surgery. It is so crazy to me how fast time flies yet how slow it can seem all in the same note. Recovery will be several months with learning to eat again, learning to sing, and even just opening my mouth all the way but today is significant because I am “wired shut” for a total of 6 weeks and today is the half-way mark of the “6 week” recovery! Sometimes I sit and think how crazy it is that I am already on the other side of it and have even had the surgery?! Talking about the idea of something for years and then it actually happening can be so surreal. It all happened so fast for me too, when it finally came down to having a date set and doing the thing! The date was set about 4 weeks out so it was crazy to process something so big and life chaning so fast! I had lots of ducks to get in line before it all could even go down!

It was so scary, but I am so happy already with everything and all the people I have talked with who have had a surgery like this said it wast the best thing they have ever done!

After going nutso last night and posting twice, (which I hope you guys enjoyed the “Life Update #1” post and links to the sliders because I am #OBSESSED and had to share), I got kind of sad because I always love editing pictures and having new content to post about and put together. Even if no one ever cared to read it, I still find it so fun to walk through the whole process of shooting, editing, and writing.  I began to dig around and I found actually tons of pictures in my Lightroom Catalogue I just never got around to posting so yay! That’s what you are going to get today 🙂 Even if they are older, I am going to slowly start sharing some of the “old” with you just to give me something new to do, cause let’s get real I am so bored haha!

These pictures were from a fun little shoot I did with a friend a few months ago and I am obsessed with this kind of look. Something that we are seeing more and more of in the fashion scene lately is this combination of atheltic wear paired with something “girly” or more feminine like, if that makes sense!

EXAMPLE: A mid length skirt paired with sneakers/boots and a sweatshirt with a cute cross body bag to accesorize.

This is the kind of look I would personally love to wear aka, I am going to buy and shoot for you guys to recreate this look and make it more of a summer/springy look with the pops of color and pink metallic skirt. I love the black and white strip on the band of the skirt paired with the adidas stripes. So cute! Do yall like the red bag more or the black?

Here are a few of the pictures from the shoot!

I will link some cute sneaks, tops, bags and skirts below 🙂






Hope your Tuesday is going great and everyone get’s outside to enjoy some of this sunshine! I am eager to get out of the house so I am going to try and sit in the car with my mom to watch my little sister play in her softball game today! Don’t want to miss things like this since she is about to graduate!!!



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