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It has been wayyyy to long since I have written a post because quiet frankly I am coming off the coat tails of the busiest season of life EVER…. EVER.

It’s 12:00 pm on a Wednesday and I am still sitting in my bed with my Starbucks and smoothie paying catch up on TONS of looks and posts for you guys. SO get ready the blog is about to be POPPIN’.

Three of my best friends all just got married within two months and it has been the definition of Wedding Season for me. Felt like I was filming a sequel to 27 dresses (minus 24). As hectic as it may have felt at times for me, it really has been such a sweet and special season of life to watch some of my closest friends love stories unfold.

Can’t wait for that season of life for myself!.. Just kidding I can wait.

Anyway, back on topic.

If you follow along on my Instagram stories you may have seen that I recently was at the Reformation opening here in Dallas a few weeks ago!

Let me tell you… I can not say enough good things about this store and just how they run their company in general. I was absolutely blown away!

I asked my cousin/roomate/bestfriend, Sheridan to come with me – along with my best friend/new blogger, Haylie and it was so much fun! You will be seeing lots of them around here on the blog if you haven’t already!

Everyone meet Sheridan….


Isn’t she purdy?! (linked her instagram HERE!)

And everyone meet Haylie – Here is a link to her BLOG.. (It’s fabulous!!) and her Instagram.


Evertime I see this picture it makes me giggle and I hear, “okay now get in formation ladies” in my head. HA!

Okay so enough with the small talk, let me tell you about their new store! EEEKKK.

The day before the opening they had me come in for a fitting to pick out a fun little number to wear the next day to the opening. If I was not already blown away with the front door alone.. I mean the gold accent.. I die. When I walked in I was greeted by the sweetest team of girls all matching in the cutest tee and jeans.


The shopping process is so unique with Reformation because it’s almost like online shopping in the store.

Let me explain:

This is exactly what the racks look like. You see everything that they have in the store but only one size. IMG_6457

Once you find something that you like and want to try on, you head to one of the many touch screens on the wall, find the piece you want to try on, click your size, and add it to your dressing room and keep shopping!


While you are shopping the cutest gals ever are pulling what you picked on the screen and putting it in your room!IMG_6471

I have truly never seen anything like this and thought it was the best idea. There is nothing worse than loving EVERYTHING in a store and having to carry around 18393938 hangers before you are ready to head to the dressing room.



This Callalilly dress looked so perfect on Sheridan and would be really cute for a floral bridesmaid dress too! I always love a little twist on things and a floral dress would be a nice touch! IMG_6275

I would 12/10 recommend Reformation as a shopping choice and overall experience if you are near a store and are looking for the perfect outfit.

The clothes are all just to die for and I love the feel of the fabric. Over half of their garments are made with stuff like Tencel, Viscose and recycled materials, which use way less resources than conventional cotton, and are less-polluting than oil-based fabrics to produce! (Reformation)

Read more about their fabrics and vision behind the company here!IMG_6309

I If you have a Reformation in your area you have to go! Have to!!! All my Dallas babes, go. to. this. store. You will not be disappointed!

MY LOOK: I picked the Winslow dress in “Henrietta“!

I hope you guys are having a fabulous Wednesday! ♥

Talk tomorrow.



Victoria Lace Ellis



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