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January 2, 2019 Comments Off on SHIRRED BUSTIER LEOPARD DRESS

Happy New year Lovey’s,

I have been doing several instagram stories the last 48 hours and it has been so fun hearing from you guys and seeing what you guys want to see in 2019. A lot of people said that they want to see more of my styled looks. Ask and you shall receive. I am bringing lots of new looks to you guys this year and I am so excited about it! Looks that are ME. I feel like so many times I try to put outfits together that I don’t absolutely LOVE. But this year is a new year, so new upgraded me, ya hear?!?!

Last year for Christmas my sister got me this hat Lack of Color hat and I just about lost it. I wanted it so bad!!

I have had my eye on this hat for a few months and I just realized that now they are selling it on amazon and you can get it PRIME. We are talking two day shipping peeps. Where are all my impatient girlies at? Anything I can order on a Wednesday and get here on a Friday is a win in my book!

When I saw this dress it literally spoke to me…. Does this ever happen to anyone else?
Believe it or not I am a super picky shopper. Sometimes I will love something so much but I literally have to pray about it before I buy it. NOT KIDDING! Call me crazy but I am for real!

For Christmas this year my sisters and I started a google doc where we could add gift ideas for each other so that we would get things that we actually wanted instead of random things that we never would want or use! I added this purse to it and was pleasantly surprised when I saw Santa came through and made it happen. It was the perfect accent for the dress and hat! Its a purse that will compliment any outfit throughout every season! Even more of a bonus that it’s on major sale!

I also wish I was kidding when I say ASOS is one of the only places I shop but I really do buy about 90% of my closet from them. One of the reasons I love it is that they have the most amazing deal where you can pay $12.99 for two day free shopping for the entire year. So when I say I can order on a Tuesday night/Wednesday and get it here Friday I am not lying! It’s the most amazing thing to hit the internet, ever!

I also linked my lashes (which are the best and look good on any and everyone) along with my ride or die everyday lip color right now! You can get it at Ulta, CVS, or almost any drug store!!

I will be filming one of my most requested videos, my “Everyday Makeup Routine”, to YouTube this Saturday and will publish hopefully by Sunday night!! Stay tuned friends. 🙂

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