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It’s Friday, Friday!

So here’s the deal… I am a sucker for some really good sales. You are an actual nut if you aren’t. But anyway, I want to start doing a weekend sale round up here and there with some codes to offer you the best steals and deals to shop over the weekend!

☆ (Hover over the store, click, and it will take you to the site to shop!) ☆


I am super excited about that Nastygal one and TOPSHOP. YASSS! ☆

I am headed to Oklahoma City this weekend and I could not be more excited!! I have not seen some of my very best friends since BEFORE my jaw surgery so I am going to flip a lid and probably cry some when I finally get to hug their necks! I think we may even be going camping tonight!

Stay tuned and follow along on my Instagram story if you don’t already! ♥


Victoria Lace Ellis



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