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The fact that it is already September is BEYOND me. I was in the Starbucks line this morning, which I desperately need to give up…ha, and they were already serving pumpkin spice everything. I mean geezzeeee I feel like it should still be July?!

Having a long weekend was super nice but now its back to the real time grind. Since moving to a new house in June I have literally so much to go through, you would think 3 months going by it would be done, but no. I have literally 100’s of hangers with clothes on them to sell, knick knacks to get rid of, and just things I need to declutter. It is such a process but have a hard time staying focused longer than 65 seconds to get it all done. So basically I need 50 labor day weekends in a row and I would be Gucci.


On Saturday one of my long time best friends, Haylie and I, ran around and just spent some good girl time together. With life always SO busy I am definitely super thankful for the times I get to just sit with a good friend and have a drink or grab ice-cream or even just a long convo over the phone to really make you grateful for the people in your life.

One of my favorite ice-cream places in Dallas is “Wild About Harry’s” I have been going there since I was a little girl and used to take the kids I would nanny there. Aside of the ice-cream being BOMB, I have really sweet memories there. I can’t wait to see what they do with the renovation!


With Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas so hard I feel like the weather has definitely changed a little in Dallas, not being so viciously hot to just still pretty hot. haha.

I wore this little stripe button up blouse from Urban Outfitters (which is ON SALE!!) and denim skirt duo. This stripe button up it’s probably one of my favorite shirts in my closet right now. They have it in blue and white stripes and think I may just have to get it, considering it is on sale. It’s the perfect top to just throw on and still feel some what put together.

Even though it is a long sleeve the material is perfect for this transitional weather we are about to get because it is really breathable and not too thick.

I purchased this distressed denim skirt a few months ago at H&M and am still totally obsessed with it. I love anything denim and distressed so this is the perfect little cocktail duo for me.


Over the last few years anything coconut has really just done it for me so naturally I went with Wild About Harry’s coconut ice-cream with fruity pebbles on top in a waffle cone. If you love coconut like me, you have to try this! I think Haylie just got vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, obvi!

I hope everyone had an awesome 4 day weekend and enjoyed their Labor Day!

My heart and prayers truly go out to all of the people who Harvey has impacted. I can not even imagine going through something as tragic as this with my family and loosing everything.




September 12, 2017

Victoria Lace Ellis



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